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Ways to Help

There are many ways you can help!

Create a fundraiser on Facebook

Choose ELF to be the recipient of a fundraiser. It’s super easy. Click on this link to get started:

Host a Fundraising Event

Get creative and have fun hosting an event in your community or school. Have a pizza party, a car wash, a happy hour, or simply sell our swag. Call us at 443.842.0656 or email Marissa@erinlevitas.org and we will help you get started!

Help us spread the word!

Use social media to help us educate people about sexual assault, prevention, our curriculum, and restorative practices and much more. Use this link to download images for your social media posts.

Invite us to come speak

Marissa Jachman, our Executive Director will come to your event, school or workplace. She is a dynamic speaker and her passion is letting the world know that sexual assault IS preventable when we educate our children early enough.


Simply donate or purchase a cool item from our store. Every little bit helps!