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Teacher Talk Program

Teacher Talk gives adults who work with children the tools to identify and respond to sexual harassment.

The goal of the Teacher Talk Program is to help school staff, coaches, youth-program administrators, and others identify and respond to sexual harassment, a known precursor to sexual assault.

By providing these skills to teachers who have the potential to be both observant and influential, we will provide a layer of prevention and response to sexual violence.

The program includes two 60-minute training sessions:

  • Teachers learn about the prevalence of sexual violence and its impact on young people, as well as the close relationship between adverse childhood experiences and sexual violence.
  • The second session focuses on what specifically teachers can do to intervene and prevent sexual harassment and misconduct, both in terms of school policy and the role of individual teachers.

Teachers will have the opportunity to build and practice trauma-informed strategies for preventing and interrupting sexual violence among students.  At the conclusion of the two sessions, teachers will have a better understanding of how to recognize a sexually violent or harassing event and how to respond safely and appropriately.

Teacher Talk is a collaborative program created alongside the University of Maryland Carey School of Law and School of Social Work. The project is run by the University’s Levitas Initiative, funded by the Erin Levitas Foundation. Click here to read more about the initiative and the fabulous professionals heading up this program.


For more information please contact:  Marissa Jachman, Executive Director • Email: marissa@erinlevitas.org • Phone: 443-286-7148

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