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Our 2020 Virtual Stroll and Roll was a huge success! We had over 200 individuals participate and over 30 sponsors that made the event one for the books. Together the community strolled and rolled around the country as far as California, New York and Florida. Strollers and rollers made this a special experience with their passion and creativity. We can’t wait for 2021! Thank you to all our generous sponsors who took this fundraiser to new heights.



In response to the COVID-19 virus and in efforts to keep our community safe, ELF’s Stroll & Roll is VIRTUAL! Please join us on Saturday, July 18, as we prevent sexual assault, raise awareness about sexual assault and rape, and fundraise for ELF’s mission to prevent sexual assault through youth education and helping survivors heal.


Because we can’t officially ‘be’ together that doesn’t mean we can’t ‘come’ together as a community to prevent sexual assault. A virtual stroll & roll means you get to choose where, how and what time you participate in the #StrollandRollELF (even if Sunday is better for you, go for it!). We ask that if it’s right for you to share a pic or video on social media of your participation as we join together. This is a great opportunity to get outside, get some exercise, and support those in your community that need it most as we step in the right direction for our future with prevention.

Creative ideas to Stroll and Roll: 


  • Solo
  • Build a team
  • A friend who is near by or far away (get those ear buds ready)
  • Pet
  • Family
  • No matter who you plan to be with, you’ll be doing it with OUR community!


  • Walk or run
  • Bike or hike
  • Scooter, stroller, or skateboard
  • Take a drive (take your race car out for a spin)
  • We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


  • Your neighborhood
  • A park, path or trail
  • A treadmill, Pelton, Elliptical
  • A route to a destination
  • Around your couch?


We had planned to launch a walk in 2020 and then COVID-19 happened. Schools closed and immediately the E.R.I.N Talk Prevention Curriculum was adapted so students could still learn from home. Due to the stay at home regulations people in unsafe home-life situations are being hit especially hard – school is a safe outlet for many children. As we gear up for the fall, we anticipate children will come back having experienced an increase of sexual harassment and assault and increased risky behaviors like sexting. Education and support will continue to be important.

Youth will need the opportunity to process and understand more about their behaviors, attitudes, and actions.

When you invest in preventative education, you are investing in a child who does not become a rapist and a student who does not become a victim or survivor.”

Imagine that. Understanding the world will continue to need virtual support the Erin Levitas Foundation has adapted and produced a number of webinars for caretakers/parents, survivors, individuals, families and communities. This work will continue. Your participation will ensure this education will remain available and the program will grow – therefore more children will be educated.



Custom designed by Crooked Monkey adjustable face mask – it’s pretty awesome!



For information about sponsorship or ways to support the Erin Levitas Foundation contact Marissa at 443.286.7148 or marissa@erinlevitas.org. Click here for more details and sponsorship levels.



The Erin Levitas Foundation offers education to youth to prevent sexual assault, helps survivors heal and advocates for community awareness, safety and healing. Middle school students who have received the new E.R.I.N Talk Curriculum attend a Baltimore City public school and aim to take the curriculum state-wide and national.


Register now for our VIRTUAL Stroll and Roll and/or Donate now to join others in taking steps to prevent sexual assault to hit our $20,000 goal!

Donate to invest in a future with less sexual assault – no strolling or rolling needed! Stay home and know that your contribution makes a difference in the lives of those ELF serves.

Contact us with questions and additional information.