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Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 1st

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How can you participate in the Stroll and Roll?

A virtual stroll & roll means you get to choose where, how and what time you participate in the #StrollandRollELF (even if Sunday is better for you, go for it!). We ask that if it’s right for you to share a pic or video on social media of your participation as we join together. This is a great opportunity to get outside, get some exercise, and support those in your community that needs it most as we move in the right direction for our future with sexual assault prevention.

We can’t wait! Thank you to all our generous sponsors who took this fundraiser to new heights last year!

Creative ways to Stroll and Roll

Walk or run Solo • Build a team •  Walk with a friend or family member who is nearby or far away (get those earbuds ready) • Walk your dog • Bike or Hike •  Cruise around your neighborhood a park, path or trail  •  Take a roll in your wheelchair  •  Use a treadmill, Peleton or elliptical

No matter who you plan to be with, you’ll be doing it with OUR community!

When you register you’ll receive one of our NEW ELF face masks


Erin Levitas Foundation Face Mask


Your efforts matter NOW

Numbers surrounding sexual assault incidents have not been reduced in over a decade. Prevention is imperative. Investing in a comprehensive program to reduce sexual assault is what your support does. Our first-of-its-kind student-facing curriculum is being studied to measure the impact of change. In addition, change does not occur in a vacuum, and due to COVID-19 and limited access into schools, additional support programming is necessary. A Teacher Training Program (Teacher Talk) to help educators identify sexual violence, like sexual harassment that gives rise to sexual assault, along with the skills, tools, language, and actions to support prevention. As we continue to invest in prevention please join us.

Youth continue to need the opportunity to process and understand more about their behaviors, attitudes, and actions. “When you invest in preventative education, you are investing in a child who does not become a rapist and a student who does not become a victim or survivor.” Your participation will ensure this education will remain available and the program will grow – therefore more children will be educated.

There’s still time to be a sponsor – click here for more info!

For information about sponsorship or ways to support the Erin Levitas Foundation contact Marissa at 443.286.7148 or click the link above. 

Thank you to this year’s incredible sponsors:


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The Erin Levitas Foundation offers education to youth to prevent sexual assault, helps survivors heal, and advocates for community awareness, safety, and healing. This year, the funds raised from the Stroll and Roll will support the Parent Talk Program. With a segment of the content already piloted with a national audience. The investment lies in the completion of the content, creation of educational videos, supportive materials, a platform to house the easy-to-access content, and rolling out the resource for National use. This program will be available free for caregivers, PTAs, community members, to continue to support healthy attitudes and behaviors that serve as protective factors against sexual assault and to be aware of unhealthy actions that give rise to later, more violent, sexual behaviors. Funds raised above the financial goal will support the Erin Levitas Foundation general fund.

Donate now to join others in moving together to prevent sexual assault to hit our $75,000 goal!