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The St. Timothy’s Program

The Erin Michele Levitas ’11 Mind, Body and Soul Empowerment Program at St. Timothy’s School

Because of Erin and supporters, there is now a new program at St. Timothy’s School to help students with a wide range of issues related to girls’ and woman’s mental, physical, and emotional health and wellness. The program listed in the Student Handbook addresses topics like nutrition, body image, sex education, mental health and wellness, drugs and alcohol, sexual assault and date rape, and gender identity and relationships. Erin wanted there to be more focus on health and well-being at St. Timothy’s and now there is.

This program has funded:

  • Health and Wellness assemblies.
  • Two Wellness Weeks included highlighting nutrition and body positivity, and a week highlighting healthy relationships. We had guest speakers, screened documentaries, taste-tested many healthy, homemade snacks, and participated in engaging, interactive activities.
  • New York City alumni gathering with meditation, deep breathing and group discussions on prioritizing self-care.
  • Stress Awareness Month celebration with different stress relief stations and activities.
  • Programs to discuss stalking, consent, and healthy relationships. Sue Ryan of the Stalking Resource Center, a division of the National Center for Victims of Crime, did a training defining stalking behaviors and will discuss the normalization of stalking in the media and social media.
  • Mothyna James of Turn Around Inc., a domestic violence and sexual assault center in Baltimore, discussed consent and healthy relationships in the afternoon.