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Share Safe Social

We want you to be safe on-line, so here are a few tips about using social media to keep in mind from CommonSenseMedia.org

  • Use privacy setting.
  • Limit the audience of a post (only to family, for example).
  • Create a closed, invite-only group on social media service such as Facebook.
  • Turn off your phone’s GPS.
  • Consider using a nickname for your kids.
  • Think about using photo-sharing sites such as Google Photos and Flickr that require users to log in to see pictures (unlike on
  • Social media, where all your followers can see them).
  • Don’t include your kid’s friends in photos that you post.
  • Don’t include any personally identifiable information, such as your home address, signs, your kid’s school.
  • Be careful if you share custody. It can be emotionally difficult for exes to see photos of their kid when they’re not included.
  • Be prepared for feedback of all kinds: not everyone will share the same view of the photo and online comments can lead to misunderstandings.