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Q+A with Jesse Crosby

Jesse Crosby is a member of the Erin Levitas Foundation Advisory Board. This year during pride month, we asked Jesse to share about why they’re connected to this work.   Why did you want to be a part of this cause?  Erin was my cousin, and we were very close growing up. To be a…
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Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Every Body Talk!

Celebrating the launch of our protective children’s book, Every Body Talk! Thank you to everyone who came out to Green Spring Station on Thursday! And thank you to everyone who donated or purchased books, and who helped us pull off this amazing event!

Preventing teen dating violence and intimate partner violence in the future

The best way to stop teen dating violence? Prevent it from starting in the first place.  The bright light is that the research says that intimate partner violence can be prevented, and that intervention during adolescence is a critical preventative step. They see adolescence as a “critical developmental period for the prevention of partner violence…
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How can I help a teenager I think might be in a violent relationship?

One of the earliest prevention skills you can develop with young people is that they can talk to someone they trust about feeling unsafe – whether it’s about their feelings in general or about anything related to their body.   Four ways to support teens in unhealthy relationships Our friends at House of Ruth are…
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How can I recognize if my teen is in an unhealthy dating relationship?

Looking out for signs of unhealthy teen relationships can help keep them safe.  It’s harder to tell than you’d think.  One would think it would be so easy to recognize the signs of such violence, but that isn’t always the case. In a study by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, “82% of parents reported…
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Impacts of teen dating violence on adulthood

Intimate partner violence during in teenage relationships can affect individuals throughout their whole lives. Teen dating violence and adverse childhood experiences  It’s easy to discount teen relationships and dating as “puppy love,” but it’s important to remember that this is also a serious developmental phase in a young person’s life. If a child or teen…
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