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Ladies Night

Ladies Night 2021 Registration

Saturday, February 6th

Ladies Night was started by Caroline Pruce in 2019 as an evening to celebrate all things feminine. Together we can raise the vibration of humanity by planning events that celebrate each other with a spiritual twist.

This year’s Ladies Night is going Virtual and will be a series of separate social distance experiences. Host or be a guest of someone you know to be ‘present’ together. Whether you gather virtually, drink wine and use our kit or social distance with a group of 10 or less we are excited to be in the moment together.

NEW! This year and each year to come, Ladies Night is partnering with the Erin Levitas Foundation (ELF). The foundation’s work was inspired by Erin Levitas, a vivacious, kind young woman who was raped by a friend and had planned to become a lawyer and live her life focusing on prevention and survivor support. Tragically she lost her life to illness at 22.

The work of ELF focuses on preventing sexual assault with early education to teach attitudes and behaviors that prevent and protect children from later harms. ELF’s first-of-its-kind curriculum and resources relates to bullying, crime, hate, gender norms and so much more. This work can inspire a better next generation. Together, we can make a stronger, healthier future for those we know, and people we do not know.

Celebrate yourself and those you love while helping to create a more accepting and understanding next generation.

Be a Host!

Each host will receive a kit of goodies to inspire and run your evening with those special to you. Host kit includes: (all items will be explained in future information) 10 greeting cards and pens, Inspiration Cards to Share with Guests and how to use them, Ladies Night Item and Hosting Tips.

HOST DEADLINE to receive Host Kit: Tuesday, January 5th.

Be a Guest!

Join your host with a donation amount that works for you – the choice is yours! Your host has taken care of the kit and you will receive some fun feminine goodies. Get excited.

Contact us with questions: info@erinlevitas.org or 443.842.0656

To donate to The Erin Levitas Foundation in another way, choose one of the following:

  1. MAIL A CHECK: made out to "The Erin Michele Levitas Education Foundation" and send to:
    8 Reservoir Circle, Suite 203
    Baltimore, MD 21208
  2. CALL US: at 443.842.0656 or email us at info@erinlevitas.org.

Donation Details

The Erin Levitas Foundation is a section 501(c)(3) exempt organization with the Tax ID 81-5183836. Your gift is fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services were provided to you in return for your contribution. Please retain this acknowledgement for your records. If you plan to make your gift through a charitable fund, please contact us (info@erinlevitas.org) and we can share a document to help make the process smooth when applying the gift.

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