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Know Your Stuff

The more you know about sexual assault and its causes and effects, the better you can be protected from risk factors.

There is a wealth of information out there on child safety, relationships and violence, and sexual harm. Here are a few of our favorites:


Government site of Womenshealth.gov on relationships and safety

What are the laws in my state around sexual assault?: Sexual Assault Statutes in the United States Chart (note this is from 2016 and some laws may have been changed)

Child Safety Resources LifeBridge Health’s Center for Hope

Evaluating Restorative Practices

Examples of Sexual Harassment – Webinar

Experts answer questions about witnessing sexual harassment among children – Webinar

Discussion for Sexual Violence Survivors and their loved ones to learn and heal – Webinar

Conversation Starters for Kids by the Global Boyhood Initiative

Equal Rights Advocates Examples and Definitions of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

Knowing the online platforms for Safe Use of Social Media and Technology Prevention commonsensemedia.org & staysafeonline.org

Teen Dating Violence Information