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Every Body Talk Book


Every Body Talk is an introduction to age-appropriate caregiver/child conversations about body safety, child abuse prevention, and ultimately sexual assault prevention aimed at children from birth through eight. This book is a guide for caregiver-to-child conversations to accomplish the first step in ensuring child safety – enabling the child to discuss anything of concern when it comes to themself and their body.

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Child protection like sexual abuse and sexual assault prevention is a lifelong conversation and Every Body Talk is the beginning.

The CDC recommends changing social norms, teaching skills and empowering people (specifically girls and women), and creating protective environments to help reduce sexual violence. This book is doing just that:

  • It portrays healthy gender norms.
  • Examples that promote healthy modeling and healthy relationships.

The experts and consultants behind the book.

The Levitas Foundation worked with a racial equity consultant, gender violence experts, teachers, LifeBridge Health’s Center for Hope (sexual abuse center), librarians, individuals with disabilities, and parents to develop the age-appropriate language to address this sensitive issue.

The illustrations represent children of many races, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, abilities, and family units taking part in a wide variety of activities. Topics covered include healthy boundaries, hygiene, safe play, and finding a trusted adult if a child feels scared, unsure, or needs help. Furthermore, the book will connect readers to the Erin Levitas Foundation website, which will provide additional resources for caregivers and educators. Educators will also be able to download a lesson plan based on the book, as well as a poster and other classroom materials.

The books are available in hardback and e-book for sale and a number of books will be donated.   Communities in need can receive this book free of charge.


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