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Teaching physical boundaries to support prevention

Defining physical boundaries Most often when people think about boundaries, they’re thinking of physical boundaries. The E.R.I.N. Talk Curriculum from the University of Maryland Baltimore’s Levitas Initiative identifies your physical boundaries as including your body and the “physical space immediately around you.” Crossing physical boundaries could be touching someone’s hair or mobility device, a kick,…
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Boosting Connectedness & Emotional Health in Conversation

Did you know you can help children thrive by supporting positive emotional health and feelings of being connected to a community? Researchers are even starting to uncover connections between these skills and factors that protect kids from harming others and eventually perpetrating sexual violence. So what’s emotional wellness anyway? The National Institute for Health defines…
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Stroll & Roll Baltimore Photo Gallery

The Third Annual Erin Levitas Foundation Stroll & Roll – June 25, 2022 A huge shout out to photographer Gary Landsman for documenting our day! Whether you raised awareness for sexual assault prevention education with #TeamCheryl in West Palm Beach, strolled and rolled with friends in Southampton, NY,  Chatanooga, TN, Omaha, NE or anywhere else,…
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