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A Higschooler’s Summer of Prevention

The following is a reflection from Erin Levitas Foundation summer intern, Yasmeen. Yasmeen is a student at St. Timothy’s School, where Erin Levitas was a student. We’re moved by this connection, and believe Erin would be proud to see a legacy of prevention in this young advocate ❤️ “As a junior in highschool, we are…
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Teaching physical boundaries to support prevention

Defining physical boundaries Most often when people think about boundaries, they’re thinking of physical boundaries. The E.R.I.N. Talk Curriculum from the University of Maryland Baltimore’s Levitas Initiative identifies your physical boundaries as including your body and the “physical space immediately around you.” Crossing physical boundaries could be touching someone’s hair or mobility device, a kick,…
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“Boundaries” is definitely a buzzword in prevention

We’re always talking about boundaries At ELF, I feel like we’re always talking about boundaries. Boundaries are what separate one person from another – they help define which parts of ourselves we’re willing to share with the rest of the world. As people we all have dignity and deserve to define our boundaries. My boundaries…
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Why I’m not squeezing my grandkids in that bearhug like I used to

My grandkids call me Dede because “grandma” just wasn’t happening. I’m far too cool to be a grandma – and I certainly don’t feel like one. But sometimes, even Dede’s mess up.  A few days ago, I was at a family gathering and was squeezing my 10-year-old grandson in what I thought was a lovely…
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Rethinking the ‘Body Talk’

In sexual assault prevention work, we often talk about how important it is to get consent when it comes to physical contact with others’ bodies. We want children to know that their bodies are theirs, and that others’ bodies and boundaries deserve respect.  Small, early practices like asking “Can we move over there?” before moving…
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Play with a Purpose – Baltimore 2022

In October, the Erin Levitas Foundation celebrated it’s largest-ever Play with A Purpose card day ♦️♠️ at Woodholme Country Club. More than 120 people gathered to play cards, learn a little bit about sexual assault prevention, and raise more than $17,000 for prevention education!  ✨ There was such a warm feeling in the room and…
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