Location,TX 75035,USA


What a great day it was!

On May 1st, 2021 we strolled and rolled and were able to fund our important Parent Talk Program.  This program enables parents and caregivers to learn how to educate children about consent, boundaries, healthy gender norms, and safe use of technology, giving them the skills to have healthy conversations.

We exceeded all of our goals this year:

1.  We had a goal of 300 participants and we had over 350 people from 20 different states!

2.  Our goal was to raise $75,000 to fund our Parent Talk program and WE RAISED $100,000 thanks to a last-minute donor match!

Take a look at some of the photos we assembled from this great event:


Everyone that registered received a free ELF facemask – which was a big hit! 

ELF Face Mask

Along with our participants, our sponsors made all of this possible.  We can’t thank the wonderful companies / people listed below for their contributions.