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Preventing sexual assault
through early education.

It’s time to change how we talk to our children.

The Erin Levitas Foundation envisions a future with education for youth and young adults to prevent sexual assault and help survivors heal. Nearly 50% of middle school students report experiencing sexual harassment, and this number is believed to be under reported. Sexual Harassment is a precursor to sexual assault and rape, which escalates in high school and college. If we can stop sexual harassment early, we can reduce sexual assault and rape.

Did you know

73% of rape victims know their assailants
50% of middle school students reported experiencing sexual harassment

Source: National Institute of Justice

Our programs are making change happen.

Early Childhood

It’s never too early to teach children about their bodies and boundaries.

Every Body Talk is an inclusive and trauma-informed children’s book families can use to start conversations about keeping bodies safe. The book walks through language children and guardians can use to communicate about topics that can be tough.

We provide this book free of charge to communities in need, and donate one book for every book purchased on the website. LEARN MORE


Middle School

In-school sexual assault prevention program for middle-schoolers.

E.R.I.N. Talk trains and deploys skilled facilitators to lead primary sexual assault prevention restorative circles in Baltimore City middle schools.

This signature program with the University of Maryland’s Carey Law School uses a restorative justice framework to engage middle school students in educational activities that help them identify, question, and reject the destructive ideas that give rise to sexual violence. LEARN MORE

A University of Maryland Baltimore Carey School of Law and School of Social Work program supported by the Erin Levitas Foundation

Adults Who Work With Children

Online sexual harassment training for youth serving adults.

Teacher Talk is a virtual training to help professionals identify and respond to sexual harassment. Because we know sexual harassment can be a precursor to sexual violence, we’re providing resources so for intervention.

Sexual harassment happens. By giving educators the opportunity to learn how to respond to it, we’re it less likely that sexual harassment escalates to sexual harm. LEARN MORE

Developed in partnership with the University of Maryland Baltimore Carey School of Law and School of Social Work

Parents and Caregivers

Giving parents and caregivers the tools they need.

Still in its early stages of development, Parent Talk is an education campaign aimed at parents and caregivers.

The goal of Parent Talk is to teach parents and caregivers about protective and risk factors of sexual assault perpetration and victimization, and give them strategies for having conversations with children that will help keep them safe.

Developed in partnership with the University of Maryland Baltimore Carey School of Law and School of Social Work

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